Security System Solutions

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CCTV System

With current rise in terror attacks across the globe, CCTV and video surveillance has become an integral part of any commercial building installation. At Stride, we provide solutions for round the clock monitoring of the critical areas across the premises with our IP based camera solutions. Read More

Access Control System

Access control security systems ensure that only approved personnel can gain access to restricted areas. In the most basic form, swipe cards are used to electronically permit access to restricted areas. Proximity cards held near a proximity reader can allow access in a split of a second to authorized personnel. Read More

Intruder Alarm System

Intruder alarm systems raise an alarm incase of unauthorized entry, or motion detection. These alarms are also received by you via SMS and email, in some cases they are reported directly to the police to take appropriate action. Such hi end security system ensures the safety of your house when you are away and also the safety of your loved ones. Read More