About Us

The Company had been established in the name of Al Ameer United Co LLC in 1998 in Sultanate of Oman.  The company was primarily focusing on residential Building Construction and was considered as medium size Company.  The Company got contracts in Azaiba area of Muscat to construct villas for private owners which included planning of resources, procurement of materials, execution and installation of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical works.  The company got more contracts for construction of bigger villas and commercial buildings within a short period of time.

Beginning 2004, the company moved from Sultanate of Oman to United Arab Emirates and started its operation in Dubai realizing the boom in construction industry.

STRIDE CONSTRUCTIONS CO LLC established in 2004, one of the most competent and qualified Construction companies in the United Arab Emirates.  Respected in commercial and non-commercial construction industry for the ability to construct a variety of Architectural products and system.

Stride Construction Co LLC, a leading and one of among versatile Construction companies in the industry.  Providing effective and efficient service to all its clients, meeting specified requirements in full and maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability is the common goal of each SCC LLC operation which includes the most experienced and best qualified project managers, engineers, foremen with a very professional, efficient, flexible and reliable work force who have years of experience in their field of work, they make the most difficult of challenges look simple.

Stride Construction Co LLC objective is to provide highest level of customer satisfaction by optimizing performance in terms of best and latest techniques which are reviewed on regular intervals.  We believe in best practice, first time, on time and all the time.

Since founded in 2004, Stride Construction Co LLC’s comprehensive experience and performance record in the execution of buildings, schools, fuel station, roads, sheds, warehouses, and villas has earned a high ranking reputation among specialty architects in the United Arab Emirates.

At Stride Construction Co LLC, we appreciate the individual and substantial challenges faced by owners and architects in designing and constructing today’s complex building façade.  This appreciation has encouraged our organization to be a positive and contributing member of the building team.

SCC LLC strives to provide a better quality of life for its entire people.  We are committed in accomplish this by achieving profits on operation, which are the results of consistently providing products and services whereby all customers are 100% contented and satisfied.

SCC LLC has further spread its wings in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania under the name of Stride Associates Ltd  which is busy in construction of modern abattoirs and high rise towers.